Image of 100% RAW India Temple 5x5 Closures Image of 100% RAW India Temple 5x5 Closures

100% RAW India Temple 5x5 Closures

$125.00 – $155.00
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  • 14in Straight 5x5 Closure - $125.00
  • 14in Natural Wavy 5x5 Closure - $125.00
  • 14in Curly 5x5 Closure - $125.00
  • 16in Straight 5x5 Closure - $135.00
  • 16in Natural Wavy 5x5 Closure - $135.00
  • 16in Curly 5x5 Closure - $135.00
  • 18in Straight 5x5 Closure - $145.00
  • 18in Natural Wavy 5x5 Closure - $145.00
  • 18in Curly 5x5 Closure - $145.00
  • 20in Straight 5x5 Closure - $155.00
  • 20in Natural Wavy 5x5 Closure - $155.00
  • 20in Curly 5x5 Closure - $155.00
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100% RAW India Closures is pure unprocessed hair directly from the country of India. (NOT CHINA HAIR!!) This luxurious hair lasts at least 2 years! Each bundle is approx 3.5oz each (full from the root, to the end). This is 100% Raw hair so each bundle came from one donor. Therefore, each texture is unique and no two bundles are alike. We will try our best to match the textures for you. Each bundle is measured by its stretched length. India hair will vary in color from natural brown to jet black. Hair can be dyed but I suggest it be done by a professional. Raw hair must be maintained, as if it was your own. Proper care, is recommended. Hair is very versatile with lots of body. Medium density & Medium-low luster. Thick in texture. Process time for all order is 7-10 BUSINESS days.